Cupboard Cleanse



A critical component of making a successful transition to healthier eating is to take a closer look at the staples and other packaged products in your pantry as well as routinely used cooking tools and utensils in your kitchen.

Ridding your home of these unhealthy and potentially harmful food products is often times overlooked.  We reach for them again and again – out of habit – not realizing they may be contributing to poor nutrition and taxing our health.

Do you read the label of ingredients on food products prior to purchasing?

Take a peek at the label on your baking powder – does it contain aluminum?

How many products in your cupboard have high fructose corn syrup or some other form of refined sugar listed as the first ingredient?

How many have soy or a derivative of soy?

The good news is there ARE healthier alternatives.


I visit your kitchen, peruse your cupboards, and coach you one-on-one as to what to avoid and why and provide you with alternatives to support a healthier lifestyle.

$75.00 for one hour, for any home within 20 miles of my Braintree office.

Beyond 20 miles of my office, an appropriate surcharge will be determined upon scheduling your appointment.

Interested in “cleansing” the kitchen, pantry and cupboards in your home?

GET IN TOUCH via my contact form to schedule an appointment today or send an email to .

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