Grow Something


Grow something. That’s my simple advice for these uncertain times. There’s nothing like bringing something to life to give you hope for the future. Gardens are wonderful, but if that feels like too much at the moment, containers like window boxes, pots, buckets, or even a small bowl can work too. Pick up seedlings at your local garden store or grab a packet of seeds from the market. A bag of potting soil and a bag of compost are all you need to complete the task. Even one tomato plant can make you feel good. This isn’t a case of go big or go home. It’s about the feeling you get nurturing something and watching it spring to life.  

It’s no wonder that there has been a tremendous increase in people planting gardens this spring. Many seed companies have sold out. Some of the increase is no doubt fueled by fear of food shortages, some due to people having more time on their hands, some using it as part of homeschooling lessons, and definitely some as a way to manage stress by digging in the dirt.

For many, this pandemic and the subsequent disruptions to the commercial food system have also made them stop and question where their food comes from. As an advocate for local food systems, I believe this is by far one of the biggest positives to come out of this situation. There are so many inherent reasons for supporting local-centric over commercial-centralized agriculture, not the least of which is resiliency. Listen to Joe Rogan interview Joel Salatin, rock star regenerative farmer, to learn why he believes “the pandemic is the best marketing strategy we’ve ever seen”.  It’s a lengthy interview (2 hours), but entertaining way to gain an understanding of why there is really no better time to support your local farms and to vote with your dollars to change the current food system. I encourage you to listen to it while you’re planting that garden, doing your spring cleaning, or enjoying a cocktail on the deck.

As an extra incentive to listen to the interview, reply to me with two things you learned and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a full-sized Charcoal Facial Mask from Beautycounter ($49 value). Winner will be announced on the morning of Mon, Jun 8.

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