“I am highly motivated to keep going because I’m having such great results: I’m sleeping MUCH better; I’ve lost 6 pounds (many more to go!); I have absolutely no sugar cravings; and I honestly don’t miss the foods I needed to give up for the cleanse.”


“I don’t think you should change a thing! The frequent FB posts were especially helpful to me–I needed to know others were doing it too.”


Spring is an ideal time for a cleanse. It’s the natural time of year for our bodies to shed all of the excesses of the winter season.

Why not give your body a chance to reset, restore and de-stress?

Join us on a 30-day journey of cleansing.

Begin on Mon, April 8.

End on Tue, May 7.

Pick up all kinds of good habits along the way.

I’ll be your guide as we eat our way towards better health with nutrient-dense, healing foods.

In addition to the guidebook and inspirational materials you receive with the self-directed Nourishing Cleanse, the Online Nourishing Cleanse Group includes the following:

* Personal 20-minute individual phone consult prior to & after the Cleanse
* Private Facebook group membership for daily support and chit chat
* Inspirational messages during the Cleanse
* Limited email support (preference is Facebook)
* The camaraderie and support of a group working toward the same goal
* Gentle and nourishing detox with daily support and encouragement from me

A spot in the program is yours for $69.

Sound good? Then don’t hesitate to register.


“It was a great experience that I would do over and over again because of the awesome benefits!”


Registration will close on Fri, April 5 to ensure participants have the time they need to prepare.

PLEASE NOTE: Planning and preparation are necessary in order to fully participate. Prep week starts April 1.

In our increasingly toxic world, cleansing provides a much needed healing respite.

Take a break from your old food patterns and emerge inspired, healed, and re-energized along with a group of like-minded people.





HELLO THERE! PLEASE READ ME IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO PURCHASE THE GROUP PROGRAM: Your Paypal receipt is your confirmed reservation. Upon payment, you will be redirected to the Welcome to the Nourishing Cleanse Group page providing you with next steps. Please be sure to look for it! Within 24 hours, an email with the same instructions will be sent to the account you used in Paypal.

Oh darn, these dates don’t work for you? Consider purchasing the self-directed Nourishing Cleanse and do it at a time that works best for you. You’ll have everything you need for a successful cleanse, minus my day-to-day guidance and the group setting of course.