Natural Cure for Acid Reflux

Did you know that the majority of people that suffer from acid reflux do so due to a lack of natural stomach acid, called hydrochloric acid or HCl, rather than excess?

HCl is created in the stomach for two reasons: 1) to protect the gut against the overgrowth of problematic bacteria and 2) to aid in breaking down food as a part of digestion. HCl should be triggered as soon as you begin chewing your food.

A diet high in added sugars, antibiotics, birth control pills, chronic stress, and prescription drugs, can all cause low stomach acid. And, of course, the over-the-counter acid-suppressing drugs are designed to reduce (or even stop) stomach acid production, which is the opposite of what we need to resolve acid reflux.

So what can you do to promote the natural stomach acid that you need in order to support optimal digestion? Take one tablespoon of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar ten minutes prior to each meal. It’s okay to dilute it with a small amount of water if you find it necessary. The Bragg brand is raw and unfiltered and therefore is a natural fermented food that will help to promote stomach acid production. It is the only brand I recommend and can be found at any food market. Give it a try.

If you find the reflux persists, it could be possible that you are harboring a very persistent and crafty bacteria called H. pylori, which will actually reduce stomach acid in order for it to survive. In that case, you may want to consider scheduling a 30-minute complimentary consultation with me to discuss options such as lab testing and healing protocols.


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